Boys Bedroom for Twins

Boys Bedroom for Twins - Talking about boys’ bedrooms always interesting especially in desain rumah minimalis modern type 36. It will be more interesting when the boy is twins. Many parents feel difficult in arranging bedroom for their twin sons. Arrange the bedroom for twins need a smart planning. Its’ purpose is to find the right combination and arrangement, so it will be suitable each others. For this reason, we need a boy’s bedroom ideas planning to make it easily.

Twin Boys’ Bedroom Arrangement

In arranging boys’ bedroom for twins, we must prepare the theme first. We may considerate about color palette that will be used for the room decoration. It is important to choose the furniture. After that, we may choose the furniture. Choosing the identical beds and bedcover will be good idea. It will make them feel the same each other. We may also arrange it well, such as placed it in the left side and right side. You can also read about curtain room divider in this site.

Twin Boys’ Bedroom Example

There is an example of twin bedroom design. The theme of this design is lovely zoo. The beds used in the room are twin terraced bed. It has similar motif of bedcovers, pillows, bolster, and also the blanket with animal picture. The room is completed with boys’ bedroom furniture such as desk and table as the place of doing homework. The bedroom is completed with many animals figure which indicate the theme of boys’ bedroom is lovely zoo.